Monday, November 26, 2012

(conversations between a fish and the ocean)


– What is beauty? asked the fish
– Beauty is noble. Beauty is the only thing worth worshiping, like poetry. When you are close to beauty, you can breathe, and you can feel something eternal
– Why there is no more beauty in the world? asked the fish
– Because of fear, anger, stupidty. If you find beauty honor it, it will make you immensely happy. In the presence of beauty one should surrender.
– I am not sure I know how to live with beauty, what should I do? said the fish
– You cannot enjoy beauty if you live in that cage of yours. Beauty is freedom. We can transform landscapes with our imagination alone. To have beauty you do not need to travel, there is the beauty everywhere, the beauty of the decadence, the beauty of the old, the beauty of the deserts, the beauty of the city, and the beauty of the mountain. My friend, beauty is everywhere, it just takes a noble heart and unarmed eye to find it.
– Can you teach me how to honor beauty? said the fish
– Unarm yourself. Drop the burden you carry. Drop the fear. Get ready to fly, enjoy every cloud, its impermanence, enjoy the air you breathe, enjoy yourself, enjoy the water, enjoy the sound of the wind.
– I still don’t know how to honor beauty…why is this?
– Because, my friend, you are too attached to illusions. We are all going to die. Beauty is peace, everything worthwhile in this world like love has beauty imprinted on it. You have to find it alone.


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